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Full Body At Home Workout

Daily Fit #71 - Full Body At-Home Workout -


Equipment:  Pair of Dumbbells





*Beginner variations explained in video tutorial


Group 1

Exercise 1:  Squats - 8 repetitions

2-2-1 reps (2 counts down, 2 count hold, 1 count up)

Begin standing with feet hip width apart, toes pointed outward at a slight angle.  Roll shoulders back and draw belly in.  Hinge at the hips, sticking your butt slightly out as though you are about to sit in a chair.  Squeeze your glutes and lower down towards the ground slowly for a count of 2.  Hold at the bottom for a count of 2, then squeeze the glutes again and power up to a standing position. 


Exercise 2:  Mountain Climbers - 25 repetitions

Begin a plank position, with shoulder blades drawn together, chest up.  Hands should rest directly beneath shoulders.  Bring knee up towards chest, alternating legs in rapid succession.   

Complete 6 Rounds 


Group 2

Exercise 1:  Tricep Kickbacks - 8 repetitions

Begin in a forward lunge position, keeping front shin parallel (do not bring knee forward of the toe).  Hinge at the hips and lean forward slightly in a 45 degree angle.  Head should remain in line with spine.  Bring elbows close to sides, then extend from the upper arm to straighten arms.  Hold for 1 second, then hinge back to starting position. 


Exercise 2:  Jumping Lunges - 12 repetitions

Begin in a forward lunge position, keeping the front knee behind the toe and shin parallel.  Squeeze the glutes and power up towards the ceiling, softly landing with the opposite leg forward.  Continue alternating legs for 12 repetitions. 

Complete 6 Rounds


Group 3

Exercise 1:  Bridge - 20 repetitions

Lay flat on your back, feet flat on the floor and knees bent.  Place a weight on your hips, then drive through your heels, raising your hips towards the ceiling.  Watch that knees do not knock outwards.  Squeeze your glutes and the top, then lower back down. 


Exercise 2:  Jumping Squats - 12 repetitions

Begin standing with feet shoulder width apart, toes pointed slightly outward.  Roll shoulders back and draw belly in.  Hinge at the hips and lower butt down into a squat position.  Squeeze the glutes then power up towards the ceiling, landing softly back in a squat position.

Complete 6 Rounds 


Group 4

Exercise 1:  Single Arm Bent Over Row - 8 repetitions each arm

Begin in a forward lunge position, keeping front knee behind toe.  Lean forward with a flat back at a 45 degree angle, keeping head in line with spine.  Extend arm towards the ground.  Next, squeeze your shoulder blades together, drawing weight up to chest; just beneath the bra line.  Slowly lower back down towards ground. 


Exercise 2:  Bicycle Crunches - 25 repetitions

Begin laying flat on the ground, legs extended.  Draw belly in towards ground and lift shoulder 1/2 inch off ground.  Keep a tennis ball size space between chin and chest.  Next, bring opposite knee towards opposite elbow, alternating sides for 25 repetitions.

Complete 6 Rounds


Click HERE for a Printable PDF copy of this workout.



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