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How to Make Stevia Soda (Zero Calories, Zero Sugar)

author/source: Holly Brown

how to make stevia soda

Hi Everyone!

Here's my tutorial on how to make your own soda replacement using Sweetleaf Stevia Sweet Drops. They have several "soda" flavors available; Cola, Rootbeer, Grape and Valencia Orange.


All you need is a bottle of Seltzer water, Stevia Sweet Drops and Ice (if desired).


Be certain to get "Seltzer Water" which is just carbonated water, and not Tonic or Club Soda which contain added sugars.

Give it a try and let me know how like it!



healthy benefits of stevia


Want a more natural "ready made" organic soda?  How_to_Make_Stevia_Soda_Zero_Calorie_Zero_Sugar

Try Veri Organic Low Calorie Cola SodaHow_to_Make_Stevia_Soda_Zero_Calorie_Zero_Sugar

veri organic soda

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