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SI Joint Pain Relief Exercises | Pregnancy Fitness



One of the most common sources of pain for pregnant women is the sacroiliac joint. These two joints, located at the back of the pelvis, affect not only the back of your pelvis and hips, but also down the back of your legs. This kind of pain can last through delivery and into the postpartum period.

Most musculoskeletal pain in pregnancy is related to relaxin, a hormone that causes your muscles and ligaments to relax.  Because the ligaments within and surrounding your pelvis are stretching and relaxing, your joints don't have as much support as they normally do.

Ligaments provide stability, so if the ligaments are relaxed it can lead to joint instability, which can lead to too much joint mobility or can cause other surrounding muscles to compensate, usually by tightening, and this can cause pain.

Unfortunately if you are hyper flexible you are more likely to get this pain.  Instead of performing hip opening exercises, focus on strengthening glutes, inner thighs and stretching the psoas.


Luckily, there are things that you can do to make yourself more comfortable, like seeing a physical therapist or wearing a maternity support belt.  A support belt can really help with SI joint pain.


The following exercises will help strengthen and support the surrounding areas, alleviating some of the pain and discomfort you may be feeling.


Today’s video covers:
* 0:08 What is the SI Joint
* 0:28 Why you develop SI Joint Pain in Pregnancy
* 1:08 What to do (strengthen glutes, inner thighs, stretch the psoas)
* 1:20 Seeing a physical therapist, wearing a maternity belt
* 1:36 Stretching the psoas
* 2:28 Inner Thigh strengthening exercises
* 6:00 Glute strengthening exercises



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