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6 Week Vegan Macro Coaching


Are you pushing it at the gym and eating healthy, but don't seem to be getting the results you want?

  • Having trouble getting in enough Vegan protein without over shooting carbs?
  • Stubborn Belly or Thigh Fat that just won't budge?
  • Digestive issues?
Hormonal issues are our bodies' way of telling us something is wrong.

From food choices, environmental pollutants (or your emotional environment), stress, genetics, etc. can all affect our hormonal balance.
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Irregular or painful menstrual cycles
  • Brain fog
  • Feeling tired, unhappy and perpetually overwhelmed
  • Love handles
  • Hair loss
  • Feeling like you’re constantly running from task to task
  • Poor sleep
  • Headaches
  • Skin problems
  • Low energy
  • Vaginal dryness
All of these symptoms are driven by hormonal imbalances.

6 Week Macro Coaching $90 includes:

  • Custom calculated macros. This includes how many grams of Carbohydrates, Fats, and Protein you will be required to eat each day.
  • Personalized Vegan Meal Plan (ONE), based on your current starting point, goals, allergies/intolerances/food preferences. 
  • Weekly Email Check In's and Weekly Macros Adjustments
  • Private Facebook Group for Support and Accountability
  • IIFYM (Flexible Dieting) approach used to create your custom meal plan based on vegan foods YOU enjoy and find satisfying!
  • Macros eGuide (Covers how to calculate your own Macros, What's IIFYM and How to use MyFitnessPal and Carb Cycling.  Includes Recipes and Sample Meal Plans)
  • Tips on the Best Pre & Post Workout Meals.
  • Vegan Grocery Shopping List.
  • Supplement recommendation for athletes but are NOT mandatory to purchase.
  • Free 6-week Access to website (over 60+ Nutrition articles, over 80+ Vegan Recipes, FOUR 30-Day At-Home Workout Programs, Gym Workouts, Outdoor Workouts)
Who is Macro Coaching for?
-Men and Women
-Fitness individuals who already have experience in basic nutrition/healthy eating.
-Fitness individuals needing a customized Vegan Meal Plan
-Fitness individuals needing supplementation recommendations specific to Vegan athletes

Who is Macro Coaching NOT for?
-Individuals looking to recover from disordered eating

-Individuals looking for general knowledge on vegan eating to get fit (see membership plans which are budget friendly and come with an eGuide)

*No Refunds, partial refunds, exchanges or post dating of services.



"I purchased Holly’s 6th week macro coaching plan a few months ago and I'm so happy I did! Holly really lays out all of the information you need in the meal plan. She was also SUPER responsive and answered all of my questions really quickly. I was concerned about trying a new diet plan because I’ve failed so many times with other programs, and also because my goal wasn’t to loose weight, but to get stronger, build muscle and get rid of unwanted belly fat. Thankfully, Holly reassured me that she could work with me, and she did! After two weeks, I was feeling stronger and happier 💪🏽 I am so lucky and blessed I found her because now I have good knowledge of how to eat a balanced and nutritious vegan diet 🌱while I try to build lean muscle 💪🏽😃 Thanks for all your help!"

Jessica M


"I chose to sign up with Holly for macro coaching because I felt that my hormones and the way I was eating was making me gain weight in my lower body.  I felt that the plan she gave me was truly specific to my needs and goals and she was always quick to follow up with my questions and concerns. She focused on improving my nutrition and seemed genuinely interested in my health. I'll probably be signing up again in the future".

Jenna W.

"I have been active (running, biking, weight lifting) for the last 16 years. Holly not only gave a fresh air to my workouts, but most importantly, she taught me to have balance in my workouts; before, I used to go at 200% at the gym and then be so drained that didn’t want to move for the rest of the day AND so hungry that I would eat anything and everything! Now, with her training, I train all my muscles and feel the “burn” every time I train, but the feeling-like-dying-and-eating-everything after training is gone!
I should also say that I love how approachable and easy to contact she was during the whole 6 weeks of my program. On the nutritional aspect, I liked that she was up to date on nutritional trends and research. Will definitively go back to her for another round of training!"
Angélica A.


"I started working with Holly because I was really attracted by her balanced and health orientaded approach. Her focus on hormones and lifestyle really caught my attention as I my goal wasn't only to lose weight and look good on the outside but heal, nurture and look after myself from the inside out.

I have done many other programs in the past in pursuit of 'losing weight' and if there is one thing I have learnt is that it is a lifestyle, not a crash temporary fix. In Holly I saw someone who really cared about that and with the right expertise and direction to help me get there.

I worked with Holly for 12 weeks and the whole process was amazing. I enjoyed every single workout, every meal and I never felt so motivated to love and look after myself (through training and food) in my whole life! I really am not exaggerating just for the sake of this testimonial! I mean it from my heart!

I never thought I would say this but beside the amazing physical progress I had whilst working with Holly, the ones I am even more excited about are the internal shifts I have had, because I know that those are the hard ones to get and the ones that will help me going forward and maintain this wonderful and loving lifestyle.

Working with Holly also meant regulating my menstrual cycle. I haven't had a regular cycle for as far as I can remember (but even more irregular within the past 2 years) and within the first 2 weeks of holly introducing me to seeds cycle, my cycle came bang on time and stayed regular since! i cannot even tell you how happy I am!

I decided to carry on working with Holly for probably another 12 weeks until I reach my goal on the outside and carry on strengthening my inner works too. I absolutely love having to be accountable and knowing I can rely and trust her with her advice and support.

Thank you Holly, I am so so happy I found you and I cannot wait for the next 12 weeks to come!"

Ilaria P.



"Macro coaching with Holly was a great experience. I liked that we changed my diet slowly, it made it easier to stick to a consistent healthy diet. The weekly check-in's were very helpful. Knowing that Holly will see what I ate everyday helped me make better decisions. The full day eating videos were also very helpful for finding meals I enjoy and fit my macros."

-Brittany C.



Checkout Amy's 6 Week Results from Macro Coaching + Training Program!

Total weight lost: 7lbs

Total inches lost: 10.5 inches
Body fat percentage lost-4%

My 6 weeks with Holly has been one of the most valuable experiences I've ever had! From beginning to end, she's poured herself into helping me, not only with my macros and exercise routines, but with my stress levels and health issues as well. Her coaching isn't a broad, cookie cutter plan. Instead, she asks questions, listens to your needs and concerns and creates custom numbers, meals and exercises tailored specifically towards your goals. 

Coach Holly has been there to answer emails and questions day and night, listening to me vent and helping me out with any questions I've had about food, exercise or supplements. It is obvious that she cares deeply about her clients progress and puts so much time and work into helping them succeed. She took my health concerns and schedule into consideration to make a plan that worked for me and that not only helped me lose pounds, inches and body fat, but that drastically improved my health and eating habits as well.

Our weekly check-ins were so helpful; she made adjustments and updates as needed so I could keep heading in the right direction. In only six weeks I lost 7 pounds and 10.5 inches! I made steady progress each week due to her close monitoring and strategic macro and exercise plans.

I came to Holly six weeks ago because I I was at a point where I felt lost. I needed direction on my caloric intake, macro percentages and types of foods that I should be eating to heal my thyroid and lean out. I wanted to make sure that I was doing the right types of exercise for my goals and body type, and Holly knew exactly what to do with me. By introducing seed cycling into my routine, I've already seen such dramatic improvements in my energy and mood, while my custom macro percentages kept me feeling full while shedding fat effectively. 

Her exercises weren't boring and did not keep me in the gym for hours everyday either, instead she devised a plan that worked for my schedule so that I could be home on the weekends with my daughter and get in and out of the gym within an hour during the week. The wide variety of exercises she implemented in my plan kept things fresh and fun while teaching me lots of new gym tricks! 

I was also super happy that she didn't have me pounding away on the treadmill doing tons of cardio everyday! I've been able to lower my stress hormones and lose inches in my lower belly c-section "pooch", which I had pretty much given up hope on. The combination of the right nutrition, smarter training and the one-on-one support of Holly has given me a different outlook on exercise, food and my body and has improved my quality of life drastically!

If you're on the fence about jumping on board with Holly.. I understand. As a single mum, I have to be smart about my spending and it's always hard to make the decision to invest in myself, but this is honestly one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself and has as a result giving me more energy and positivity to be a better mommy! I would have paid 10 times what I did for this type of help, plus all of the wonderful recipes, sample meal plans, videos and resources on her members online group is essential. I really can't say enough good things about Holly and her programs!


Holly L. lost an incredible 5.6 lbs total!

Meet Your Coach!
Holly Brown is Precision Nutrition certified and an ISSA certified Personal Trainer.
There is an INSANE amount of information on the web regarding nutrition, fitness, diet, what to eat, what NOT to do you know what's right for YOUR body and what does it take to meet YOUR goals.  This is where individual coaching is critical.  I look forward to the opportunity to coach you!

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