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Real Food Travel Snacks (That Don't Need To Be Refrigerated)

Skinny Vacation Snacks - Consider Me Fit


You CAN eat healthy on vacation and still enjoy yourself?

Don’t let your hard earned progress go to waste just because you are on vacation.  You CAN treat yourself in a healthy way and I PROMISE it will taste soooo much better!

The trick is to be prepared.


What to bring: 

1.  I will typically bring some home baked treats with me on vacation.  It’s cheaper and for the most part, healthier.  

2.  When purchasing or preparing snacks, always go for the real food first.  Fruit, sliced veggies, home made bars and dips, etc.

Vacation Snacks - Consider Me Fit

       A.  Fresh fruit and vegetables.  Snap peas and bell peppers are crunchy, sweet and survive well in a carry-along.  Dip them in hummus for added protein.  Apples are high in fiber and always a great snack.  Dip them in almond butter for extra protein and a healthy fat.

Healthy Vacation Snacks - Consider Me Fit

    B.  Healthy granola bars, rice crisp bars, rice cakes, protein bars and nut/seed bars are all filling snacks that do not need refrigeration (perfect for the car ride).  

    C.  Veggies, whole fruit, freeze-dried fruits (berries, apples, bananas, bell pepper strips, cherry tomatoes), Sweet potato chips

    D.  Freeze dried veggies (just add boiling water to make soups or add to instant rice or Black Bean Noodles)  


    F.  Glass Bottled water (or stainless steel containers)

    G.  Great breakfast trick - portion oats into ziplock bags (or try Nature's Path Oat packs) , pour into a cup at the hotel and add hot water from the coffee maker.


    H.  Flax Cereal and soy-yogurt parfaits – Adding a little bit of healthy fat such as flax seed will slow down digestion of your carbohydrate (cereal).  Cool tip!  This is why apples and peanut butter are such a great combo.  And remember, there are lots of fun yogurts on the market to try - Soy Yogurt, Coconut Yogurt, Almond YogurtHemp Yogurt


    I.  Bring Stevia, a natural herb that happens to be sweet, and comes in a variety of flavors.  I use it to flavor my water, add to yogurt and cereals and to bake with.  Sweetleaf and Now Foods are my favorite brands.



3.  Fill in the rest with these handy purchases.

J.  High Protein Vegan Primal Strips  

K.  Small nut butter packs come in handy and are small enough to get through airport security.  (Artisana and Justin's are my favorite brands),   Add to oatmeal, dip with apples or spread on rice cakes.


L.  Artisana Organic Raw Coconut Butter single serving packs.  This is essentially pureed coconut meat and will keep you full with a very small serving.  Use just as you would a nut butter.

M.  Betty Lou's Just Great Stuff Brand Organic Powdered Peanut Butter  Awesome for mixing in yogurt or mixing with water for a low calorie topping.


M.  Make your own trail mix using unsalted raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, organic raisins, dates, prunes and/or figs, or try Eden Organics brand trail mixes.

Eden Foods Organic Wild Berry Mix Nuts Seeds and Berries — 4 ozVegan_Travel_Snacks


O.  Loma Linda Lemon Pepper Fishless Tuna





P.  Coconut water- Better than Gatorade for re-hydrating, coconut water naturally contains 5 electrolytes for rapid hydration, no artificial sugars or colors, and contains more potassium than a banana.  Harmless harvest also sources their coconuts from small organic agroforestry farms, then uses a cutting-edge, heatless, high-pressure process for food safety and extended shelf life in your fridge. The result is the outstanding flavor and nutrition of raw organic coconut water without unnatural and harmful additives.

Coconut water is the perfect sidekick road-trip beverage.  You can also buy it freeze dried to avoid drinking from a plastic container.

Q.  Green drink powders or single packs (Amazing Grass brand single packs, Green Vibrance Single PacketsVitamineral travel size)
R.  Organic tea, Single serving Organic Instant Coffee


S. Just Beans snack bars

T.  Individual Protein powder packets such as Amazing Grass Raw Reserve Greens + Planet Protein packets, Garden of Life Protein packets, and Vega Sport Vegan individuals protein packets.


U.  Ready to drink protein drinks such as CalNaturale Svelte brand or Orgain Nutritional Shake.

V.  Protein Bars

W.  Single serving yogurt, Coconut Milk Yogurt, Almond Milk Yogurt, Flax Milk Yogurt, Cashew Milk Yogurt, Hemp Milk Yogurt or Soy Yogurt.  Ok, these kinda need to be kept cool, but you can easily pack a cooler with ice for your road trip.  Mix with Organic Powdered Peanut Butter, protein powder, nuts/seeds, berries, etc. 

X.  Go Raw Chips and Go Raw Bars.  These crispy, crunchy snacks are packed full of nutrients and are wheat and dairy free.  Go-Raw products are Organic, Non-GMO and Raw, so they are not technically cooked.  Go raw products are dried or “dehydrated” and never over a temperature of 105 degrees in order to preserve the nutritional value and natural enzymes.  Go Raw also allows all the seeds used in their products grow to sprout.  Seeds are already packed with nutrients, but by sprouting them, their nutritional value multiplies.  Sprouted seeds are much easier to digest and are full of additional enzymes.


Y.  Some hotels have a mini-fridge you can store healthy perishable food in, but I also like to bring my own cooler.  You can also purchase food once you’ve arrived and keep your items cool by bringing ziplock bags, double bag them and fill them with lobby ice to keep perishables cool.


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